thesewordsofm-i-n-e asked: is the wir and frozen crossover art you do an au or something? ive seen some of your artwork scrolling around on tags and i think its pretty cool! i ask because i have a wir real life au with the frozen characters and it would be pretty neat to find another person who does to! :D

Yep, it’s an AU! It’s kinda based on this crossover fanfic I had going on right after I watched Frozen, and it’s been stuck in my head since. :)) Feel free to message me about your AU! I’d love to hear it. :D


Anonymous asked: Okay, okay. I found your blog today. I also found Break the Ice. and.. oh my word, please write all of the chapters /tonight/. I am kind of freaking out, I am so emotionally invested in this fanficton and theres 4 chapters. cannot believe how much I love this, and I don't know why I do, call it a guilty pleasure? its just so good.. I've decided I love you. ovo" i sound like a stalker. please write more. <3 followed your Tumblr. love this ice breaker ship, tonight is the first night i've seen it

Aaaaaah, anon!! I didn’t expect people here actually read my fics *blushes* Well, rest assured that I’m definitely continuing BTI. I apologize for taking so long to update - it’s difficult to write consistently b/c I’m always surrounded by people doodling in college. I’ll try to get the next chapter out ASAP.



Is Wreck-it RalphxElsa still a thing

ahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA *sweats nervously*


"You’re… a flea." "Chrrp!" "A singing and dancing FLEA." 

i truly am a sucker for crossovers 
Imagine these two owning a restaurant together. Best food and entertainment in all of Paris! 

"You’re… a flea." 
"A singing and dancing FLEA." 

i truly am a sucker for crossovers 

Imagine these two owning a restaurant together. Best food and entertainment in all of Paris! 

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ojamajomary asked: Upload your newest art into deviantart please!

Uploaded some! Thanks for also visiting my devianart :))


Anonymous asked: I would love to see a pic of Felix and Cal meeting their newborn baby for the first time!! Heroes cuties with their cutie!! If you drew that, I would be so happy!!!

there you go, anon! An AU-reallife version of the Fix-it Family (with a child that can either be a girl or boy idk so i just made the blanket purple). I think I ended up making Felix look a bit too tall in this one though. oopsiedaisies. 


Anonymous asked: I have two questions about these requests: Do they need to be exclusively of the fandoms you mentioned (WiR, Frozen, Monsters Inc./University, etc.), or can they be of some other fandom as well? And does having a male character with his pants down or dressed only in his underwear also count as NSFW?


Ehem. Weeeell, personally I don’t mind drawing characters all the way down to their underwear, so request away. But depending on the character, those will probably be the requests that will be staying longest on the waiting list. 

As for fandoms - they don’t have to specifically be the ones I listed! They’re just highly recommended, since they’re what I’m into drawing these days. However, I’ll be deleting requests if they’re pertaining to fandoms I’m unfamiliar with.

Hope that cleared things up! :)


Anonymous asked: Are you taking requests at the moment? And if so, are there any rules and/or conditions to this? It's alright if you're not taking any right now.

Sure, I’ll take requests! But there’s no guarantee I’ll be doing each and every one of them - probably only the ones that seem most interesting to work on. 

Stuff to remember when sending in a request: 

What I WON’T do: 

  • NSFW stuff (the closest I can get to is shirtless guys hahaha) 
  • OCs (I’ll probably do this if ever I start commissioning tho) 
  • that’s pretty much it?? might update this in days to come


  • CROSSOVERS (and yes that includes RotBTD along with WiR and Frozen) 
  • Monsters Inc/University 
  • Mass Effect (especially things related to Garrus Vakarian — helloooo alien sharpshooter boyfriend) 
  • Musicals (Wicked, Sweeney Todd, RENT, that’s all I can think of right now I will get back to this too) 
  • Mostly WiR 
  • I’m serious, WiR is my favorite movie. 
  • Ya know, just check my tags. You’ll find it all there. 
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